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ohammed Al Maktoum, the crown prince of..." />< link href="#/page/9" />

Sheikh Hamdan blog.

Welcome! this blog is dedicated to HH Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Al Maktoum, the crown prince of Dubai. Enjoy it.
None of the photos or videos are mine.
I'm not Sheikh Hamdan.
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الصــوره تْـقـول إنــت القـايــد الأعــلى
للـشـعــب والطـيـب والإنـجـاز والـدولــه
ـ ـ
بالـعـهـد والحــب والتـقـدير إنـت اولـى
سـمّـاعـتـك في لـزوم الشعـب مشغـوله
ـ ـ


صاحب السمو الشيخ محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم يرافقه سمو الشيخ حمدان بن محمد بن راشد آل مكتوم يشهد جلسة بعنوان “ساروق الحديد” ضمن المجلس الرمضاني ف¡ 0; قصر البحر


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Asker Anonymous Asks:
hello, we had photos of Hamdan until June 17 , durrante the ascot royal , I wonder where I would be or who would be the weekend that no public photos , I'd be with someone secretly , it may be a possibility, I think it is not a prude, has money and can bucar someone who indulge, after all is man?